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Business Continuity

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Colocation or housing of your servers

Bring your own IT or server room completely or partly to our data center in Antwerp.

Save money

No more continuous investments in in-house server- or IT rooms. You pay via a monthly fee only what you really need. You choose for a fully scalable solution, this ensures that you will never encounter capacity problems or struggle with overcapacity.

Reduce risks to an absolute minimum

No more risks with your own cooling systems, uninterruptible power supplies or fire detection. Our datacenter is equipped with the best multiple safety features. Through our SLA's you can count on 99.999% uptime.

Why choose colocation or housing for your servers »

Why entrust your servers to Antwerp DC?

1. State-of-the-art datacenter

Technically our datacenter belongs to the absolute top. Our security, emergency power facilities, cooling and fire protection are foreseen to all calamities.

2. Independent from telecom operators

You decide on the carrier that provides you with the best deal and services. Through multiple fiber entry's we ensure a 100% reliable network infrastructure.

3. Accessible to you 24/24

You or your employees have, with our automated individual security system and without any additional cost, free physical access at any time to your servers.

4. Flexibility

We excel in flexibility. This applies both to the number of units, racks, cages or rooms that you need and the contractual periods and billing formulas. Fully customizable to your needs you get the right proposal.

5. Extra services on request

On request we perform optional services for you, transparent and charged per quarter. Make use of our highly trained and experienced technicians to provide assistance for 'remote hands or eye' tasks or tape/storage rotations.

6. Assistance with migration

We assure you, at no extra cost, all the support required for the physical migration of your servers to our datacenter. Due to a clear roadmap and planning everything will go without any problems.

Where to go if it really goes wrong?

Plan your "Disaster Recovery Work Seats" now for your employees in case of fire or other disasters

⇒ Up to forty fully equipped workplaces
⇒ Available in a couple of hours
⇒ Centrally located next to our data center

You pay a monthly reservation fee. This assures you -without further costs- the desired workplaces in case of fire or other disasters.

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