Antwerp DC

You are welcome 24/24 hours

Due to our automated access system you determine which employees have physical access to your servers. With one mouse click, you deactivate a badge so the person is denied entry. Thanks to an online monitoring tool, you always have a view of who, when and how long someone has been working on your servers.

The security of your server farm is one of our main concerns. There are no peripherals - such as cooling equipment - in our server rooms, so there is a minimal physical presence of third parties. In addition, all racks, cages and private rooms are protected with the appropriate infrastructure from third parties.

Only your own employees can physically reach your servers with an access badge. For this you do not need to rely on our staff, so that a visit entails no additional cost. You're welcome 7 days on 7, 24/24 hours.

Also online welcome!

In addition to physical access, you can always access us virtually. Every customer has the ability to login securely for different tasks::

  • View network statistics
  • Editing reverse DNS settings of your IP's
  • Monitor power consumption of your racks
  • View free and used patch positions
  • Monitor technical information about your racks
  • Manage your access badges