Antwerp DC

Up to 40 workplaces instantly ready for you

In conjunction with or separated from our datacenter, we offer up to forty "Disaster Recovery Work Seats". Depending on the number of places that you immediately need in an emergency, you pay a monthly reservation fee. If your office suddenly becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, you can use your "Disaster Recovery Work Seats" for 6 weeks without any additional cost.

A violent fire in your company, a strike where the company access is blocked, renovations involving asbestos, an urgent and unexpected maintenance of your buildings, ... If it really goes wrong, you need a backup plan.

Fully equipped workplaces

When you partner with us, you always have the option to immediately divert to our "recovery center" with a maximum of forty fully equipped workplaces, possibly extendable by a further forty workstations in our datacenter in Brussels.

Each workplace has a desk, a chair, a computer, a monitor, a telephone and the necessary data connections. In addition are other office facilities such as printers and faxes at your disposal. Available to you and your employees a few hours after your call.

Test your disaster recovery workplaces!

In the monthly reservation fee is included a one day (once a year) simulation at no additional cost. This to test your preventive procedures in case a real emergency occurs.

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