Antwerp DC

All telecom operators are welcome

Our independence from telecom operators is one of our greatest assets. So you have full freedom to maintain your current telecom operator or choose another one when you migrate. In our datacenter wa adapt the free market allowing you to enjoy the best prices. If required, we will provide you with all the necessary advice. In any case, we assure an outstanding connectivity to every telecom operator.

Fiber Entry's

Multiple fiber optic cables from over fifteen telecom operators enters our datacenter. The various entries for optical fiber cables are spread throughout the building, this minimizes problems with our connectivity in case of building damage.

Roof access

Customers who wish to place antennas have access to the roof.

Second datacenter in Brussels

In addition to the datacenter in Antwerp, we also have a fully equipped datacenter in Brussels. This gives you the option to spread servers or data across both locations. Both locations are connected via multiple fiber cables.

Interested in our services for colocation or housing your servers? Contact us for a free tour of our datacenter in Antwerp.