Antwerp DC

For all a (double) backup: guarantee 99.999% uptime

You can rely on Antwerp DC for a fully redundant datacenter equipped, configured for N + 1. This means that each subsystem has one or more backups. We conduct regular tests and checks on our active and stand-by equipment. We constantly invest in new systems and advanced risk minimization to preventive take care of our growth. Thus, we eliminate a maximum of risks of an interruption in your server operations.

We continuously monitor various parameters: electricity, alarms, fire protection, temperature, humidity, dust concentration and air pressure.

Electrical facilities

Our datacenter has both an UPS (battery) as a diesel generator. These systems provides, when the power fails, the datacenter with electricity without any interruption.


For optimum cooling, we combine different cooling methods so that your servers operates in the right climatic conditions even in the most extreme weather.

Fire protection

The entire data center is equipped with sensitive smoke detectors. In case of a starting fire our fire suppression system enters into force. A mixture of carbon, hydrogen and fluorine smothers any fire without having any impact on the operation of your servers.

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