Antwerp DC

A customized proposal

We provide maximum flexibility in all areas. You make the most of one of the main advantages of an external datacenter for colocation of your servers: scalability and flexibility.

What do you want?

You have the free choice of the number of units, racks, cages or private rooms. A half rack is the minimum. Also you determine the power required for your racks completely free, without any additional cost.

How long do you want to work together?

We always aim at a long-term cooperation. We do not take you hostage with long-term contracts. On the contrary, we will convince you to stay with our quality services. Our contracts have maturities of one to three months.

How do you want to pay?

For billing you get the free choice between two formulas. Either you pay a fixed monthly fee complemented by your actual power consumption (regardless of the power of the rack),or you can opt for an all-in rate, including electricity consumption. You can always switch between formula.

For the set-up fee for a cage or room you will have the option of a spread payment over the entire contract period. We also offer possibilities for avoiding double costs during migration.

Which telecom operator would you like?

We operate completely independent of the telecom operators. Also in this area you enjoy absolute freedom. More information can be found here.

Interested in our services for colocation or housing your servers? Contact us for a free tour of our datacenter in Antwerp.