Antwerp DC

The perfect partner for the colocation of your server farm in Belgium

If you are searching in Belgium for a suitable data center for colocation of your servers, we would like to invite you for a free guided tour of Antwerp DC. Our state-of-the-art data center is ideal for SME's and Internet Service Providers (ISP's) who want to select a data center in Belgium for the housing or colocation of servers. You are welcome for a free guided tour.

Besides Antwerp DC we have a second data center Brussel DC for colocation in Belgium. Both data centers are connected to each other with multi-fiber cables , so you can use it to set up a private cloud.

Independent from telecomoperators

We operate completely independent of the telecom operators that are active in Belgium. Even with colocation you retain the free choice of telecom operator. So you can check the telecom market and select the most advantageous telecom operator. We guarantee all the necessary connectivity to any telecom operator.

Excellent infrastructure

Both Antwerp DC and Antwerp DC and Brussel DC has a fully developed infrastructure with all possible safety systems to reduce the risks of interruptions to an absolute minimum. For all subsystems -including power, cooling and fire- we have provided the necessary backups. As a result, our data centers are among the most secure for colocation in Belgium. More information about our technical facilities.

Flexible services

To maximize your return on investment of your full or partial server farm colocation, flexibility is of great importance. At Antwerp DC this is key. You only rent what you need and only for the period when you need it. And you only pay your actual power consumption and not according to the capacity of your racks. If desired, you also have the choice of an all-inclusive monthly rate, including power consumption. The minimun for colocation starts from a half rack. More on our flexibility.

Interested in the services of Antwerp DC for colocation in Belgium? Contact us for a free personal tour.