Antwerp DC

Transfer your servers to an external data center

Moving your servers to one or more external data centers provides numerous advantages. Thus you no longer need to invest in the complete design of a server room with the necessary systems for cooling, uninterruptible power supplies, monitoring tools, ... Moreover, what with your server room if your company expands or have to move due to growth? In external data centers you don't have these problems. You simply rent the units, racks, cages and private rooms that you need. With Antwerp DC and Brussel DC we have two fully equipped data centers that fully meet your needs. Contact us for a personal tour.

Our data centers operate completely independently of the various telecom operators. Therefore, you can freely choose which telecom operator you want to use. Possibly you will remain after the migration with your trusted operator or may choose another solution. We gladly give you specific advice. Our data centers assure through multiple fiber optic cables an excellent connectivity with over fifteen telecom operators.

This flexibility, we also pass through in other areas. You only pay for your actual power consumption, regardless of the capacity of the racks. More about our flexibility.

Our datacenters

Our base services include the hosting of your servers in an environment with minimal risk of failure. Our SLA’s guarantee an uptime of 99,999%. For this we have several backup systems and we monitor our data centers constantly on numerous parameters including temperature, humidity, dust concentration, ... More about our technical facilities.

Extra services

We also offer 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 a number of additional services through our qualified staff:

  • Placing the necessary cables in anticipation of your patch panels and equipment
  • The right technical support on problems
  • We remove, install and configure your servers or replace parts
  • Performing visual inspections at your request
  • Power cycling a switch, router, server, ...
  • Tape storage and tape rotation
  • And more ...

Interested in the potential of our data centers in Antwerp and Brussels? Make an appointment today for a free tour. We gladly make a customized proposal.