Antwerp DC

Everything for an flawless migration

Rely on our expertise and experience to migrate your servers from your own server room to our datacenter. We offer you a clear migration roadmap with proper planning and procedures. At no extra cost, we will provide you with advice and assistance and take care of the necessary support.

Professional planning and strict policy

Because every situation is different, together with you we make a clear definition and planning for the whole move. In addition, we look how the new situation is, what is needed and the technical side adjusted accordingly.

On this basis, we create a clear roadmap and planning which provides coordination for yourself along with the NOC.

The move itself is performed by a group of experienced people.

Moving to our datacenters can be 24/7 and this throughout the year, from anywhere within the European Union. For example, on a Sunday night at 2 am, that's no problem.

No relocation costs!

The costs of moving are simple, you only pay for the resources, in fact, without any additional cost, we will provide you with advice and assistance and we also provide the necessary support.

Interested in our services for colocation or housing your servers? Contact us for a free tour of our datacenter in Antwerp.


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