Antwerp DC

Antwerp Datacenter and Arcadiz teamed up recently to host a workshop on Thursday 28 March 2019 on secure connectivity suiting the specific connectivity and datacenter needs of the business.

In a morning and afternoon session we had 25 attendees from various small and major companies.

Besides the technical briefings by Arcadiz experts, attendees were able to enjoy hands-on demos and discover how Arcadiz and Antwerp Datacenter complement each other to serve connectivity and datacenter needs in the Antwerp region and elsewhere.

The following key topics were covered:

  • Managed connectivity services on the Arcadiz backbone reaching attendees locations
  • Secure and Low-Latency access to Antwerp DC and its cloud services
  • Next generation DCI and DC switching solutions within Antwerp DC
  • A Datacenter tour was included in each session

  • Revamp op the Antwerp Datacenter building

    Friday 5th April 2019

    Antwerp Data Connectivity Day !

    Friday 8th March 2019

    Gartner predicts: European datacenters may double in 5 years

    Tuesday 15th January 2019

    Antwerp and Brussels Datacenter not in outage plan

    Saturday 10th November 2018

    Our renewed ISAE3401 Type I certification

    Monday 15th October 2018

    Our team is expanding

    Wednesday 5th September 2018

    Antwerp Datacenter extra cooling system

    Friday 10th August 2018

    Antwerp Datacenter Power room and Carrier room new cooling.

    Tuesday 12th June 2018

    Syntra visits Antwerp Datacenter

    Wednesday 2nd May 2018

    Start of DataCenter United Blog

    Wednesday 4th April 2018

    Team expanding

    Thursday 15th March 2018

    New Carrier Arcadiz Networks

    Tuesday 4th July 2017

    Major Belgian carrier Orange joins Antwerp DC

    Tuesday 16th May 2017

    Syntra visits Antwerp Datacenter

    Thursday 27th April 2017

    Installation of Extra UPS and battery string

    Thursday 16th March 2017

    PCI DSS certification

    Thursday 12th January 2017

    ISO27001:2013 certification

    Tuesday 7th June 2016

    CDCP certifications staff

    Monday 25th April 2016

    Team expanding

    Sunday 14th February 2016

    ISAE3402 Certifications

    Thursday 14th January 2016

    New team member

    Tuesday 20th December 2016

    New genset installed

    Tuesday 13th December 2016

    Team expands

    Sunday 13th November 2016

    Our team is expanding ...

    Wednesday 8th October 2014

    Antwerp DC offers guided tour to VOKA members

    Tuesday 1st April 2014

    Offering Twin Colocation Services

    Wednesday 22nd January 2014

    Antwerp DC becomes The Green Grid member.

    Wednesday 30th October 2013

    Antwerp DC is a code of conduct participant.

    Sunday 1st September 2013

    ISO/IEC 27001:2005

    Monday 12th August 2013

    Antwerp DC takes over AXS Datacenter

    Monday 1st October 2012

    New coolunit installed

    Thursday 10th May 2012

    Construction of Node B started

    Friday 16th September 2011

    Opening event

    Thursday 16th December 2010

    Node C.1 completed !

    Monday 15th November 2010

    Construction on shedule

    Tuesday 28th September 2010

    Datacenter construction started

    Monday 6th September 2010